Saturday, March 28, 2009

life without life

hi and salam!!..(sigh)..

How's your life? busy and restless? 

I think that I have a 'lifeless' life lately. It is true that I sometimes have no real life to indulge myself with things that I like. I feel like being tied up and bounded with strings that confine me from doing anything that I want..

What are the signs?

It strangles my neck as I was so busy with presentations, assignments and coursework and (just imagine that we have another assignment when the final exam is coming up that is ‘Mona Lisa Smile’). Loads in number of assignments make my life live without life. Projects, research paper, 5 assignments to be submitted in a row, not included the assignments that challenge my serenity and peacefulness is actually killing me softly. Thanks God that it now comes to an end. Sometimes I would like to ask for a little break just for breathing. (Frankly speaking when I am tired, I will take a long break to sleep).

So, where is my life? Where is my life when I have a little time for God? I should have spent more time for Him but my life is so hectic. Indeed, I am doing these things in the name of Him and hopefully He will forgive me of every second of my deed... 


  1. Allah ada bersama orang-orang yang bersabar. ^-^

    Sabar dear friend.^-^

    Di Angin Lalu

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