Saturday, March 28, 2009

life without life

hi and salam!!..(sigh)..

How's your life? busy and restless? 

I think that I have a 'lifeless' life lately. It is true that I sometimes have no real life to indulge myself with things that I like. I feel like being tied up and bounded with strings that confine me from doing anything that I want..

What are the signs?

It strangles my neck as I was so busy with presentations, assignments and coursework and (just imagine that we have another assignment when the final exam is coming up that is ‘Mona Lisa Smile’). Loads in number of assignments make my life live without life. Projects, research paper, 5 assignments to be submitted in a row, not included the assignments that challenge my serenity and peacefulness is actually killing me softly. Thanks God that it now comes to an end. Sometimes I would like to ask for a little break just for breathing. (Frankly speaking when I am tired, I will take a long break to sleep).

So, where is my life? Where is my life when I have a little time for God? I should have spent more time for Him but my life is so hectic. Indeed, I am doing these things in the name of Him and hopefully He will forgive me of every second of my deed... 

Friday, March 6, 2009


Salam and Hello everyone!!

Hopefully everybody is in a pink of health..
I was thinking how long do people usually sleep?
Have you ever calculate how many hours do you sleep every night? I usually sleep 10 hours at night until morning!!

Firstly, we all know that sleeping is actually one of the human biological needs. Sleeping is not only a human nature but it is also a significant of a living. Have you ever think the reasons behind sleeping?

Some people said that adults need at least 6 hours slumber at night. But other asserts that we actually need 8-hours sleeping to prepare ourselves to work on the day. The fact that we need to have enough sleep to respite our body is true.
But what is the exact duration of sleeping?

I think, how long that we need to take a nap is depending on us. As I said, it is a need and we need to sleep according to our body's needs. An adult's sleeping behavour and duration is different with a baby's. A student's sleeping is different with a labour's.

However, as a university student, having a tiring day classes from morning to evening requires me to sleep to prepare for my phisycal body as well as my mind. My friends said that I sleep alot. Yes, it is true. It is my nature to sleep a lot. My sleeping duration might be double compared to others. I regularly take a nap after the class. I usually take at least 3 hours on the day, and 5 hours at night plus 5 hour until morning!! But it depends on my class time table as I have class at 8.30 in the morning or sometimes i have classes that start at 10. So, i have to wake up early. But dont worry, i perform Fajar Prayer first after continue sleeping...

However, at times, i have a lot of work that restrains me to have enough sleep. When i start to change my sleeping time (for instance i usually sleep at 11pm, but once i have to work for my assignment, i will stay up until 3-5 am) then, my biological clock will be changed as well. Concequently, i will start the day with a very sleepy and dizzy mind. For the worst, I couldn't concentrate on the lecture!

Do you think that we might inherit that behaviour from our parents? i do not know..

Though, we have to remember that we, ourselves create our own sleeping behaviour. It is up to us to understand our own sleeping behaviour, isn't it? Some people could not sleep for some health reasons. Some people need to sleep more with their own reasons..

The day owning a BLOG

Wow..this is great...i am attending a BLOG SKILL WORKSHOP and creating this blog while listening to the speaker....